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LottosVip Promotions

LottosVip not only offers its users the chance to win big with the various lotteries available, but enhances an individual’s experience through offering a number of promotional packages that can be enjoyed by the participant. These packages are designed to show appreciation to those who choose to use LottosVip as their main source for lottery activities.

Some of the promotions that can be enjoyed by users of this platform include:

Welcome Bonus

Once an individual has successfully completed their registration with LottosVip they are rewarded with €1 into their account as a form of bonus credit that they can use to purchase tickets with. This is a means of thanking all those who choose to conduct their lottery activities with LottosVip.

Gift Bonus

This promotion is designed to benefit those who are active members of LottosVip with regard to lottery activities. Individuals are able to enjoy an additional €10 bonus every time they deposit €200 into their account.

Frequent Player Points

Individuals who buy lottery tickets will be able to enjoy bonus player points from all of their purchases. The more lottery tickets one buys from LottosVip, the more points they will be able to accrue. These points may be redeemed for more tickets meaning one is able to enhance their chances of winning by simply playing with LottosVip.

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